Lecture notes of Seminario Interdisciplinare di Matematica - Vol. XVI (2023)


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Liouville theorems for critical points
of the p-Ginzburg-Landau type functional

Bofeng Chen,
Tian Chong,
Yuxin Dong,
Wei Zhang
Gradient estimates for Dirac-Harmonic
maps with curvature term
Qun Chen,
Youfeng Guan

Banach manifolds of weights and quantization
of mechanical systems whose phase space
is a complex manifold

Sorin Dragomir 35-55
Biconservative hypersurfaces with three distinct
principal curvatures in a space form
Yu Fu,
Xin Zhan


The stability of Φ (5)-harmonic maps

Xiaoyuan Han,
Yingbo Han,
Yan Wang


Serrin problem, constant ow property and isoparametric foliations

Alessandro Savo


Convex functions are p-subharmonic functions,

p > 1, on Rn, with applications

Shihshu Walter Wei 127-137

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