Lecture notes of Seminario Interdisciplinare di Matematica - Vol. XIV (2017)


Contents of Volume

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2-Factors of regular graphs: an updated survey

Marien Abreu, Domenico Labbate 1-15
Counting cycles in graphs with small excess
Tatiana Baginova Jajcayova, Slobodan Filipovski,
Robert Jajcay

Factors of edge-chromatic critical graphs: a brief survey and some equivalences

Saptarshi Bej, Eckhard Steffen 37-48
On the palette index of a graph: the case of trees
Arrigo Bonisoli, Simona Bonvicini, Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo


Recent results on the adjacent vertex distinguishing chromatic index of the direct product of graphsOn a five critical points theorem
Margherita Maria Ferrari, Norma Zagaglia Salvi


Some techniques for the construction of hyperpath-designs - a survey
Mario Gionfriddo, Giovanni Lo Faro, Salvatore Milici


Nowhere-zero flows in signed graphs: a survey
Tomas Kaiser, Robert Lukotka, Edita Rollova


Some families of graphs, hypergraphs and digraphs defined by systems of equations: a survey
Felix Lazebnik, Shuying Sun, Ye Wang


Vertex-regular 1-factorizations of the complete graph
Gloria Rinaldi