Lecture notes of Seminario Interdisciplinare di Matematica - Vol. IX (2010)


Contents of Volume


Title Author Pages
The Euler legacy to modern physics Giuseppe Dattoli, Mario Del Franco 1–24
Two contiguous relations of Carlitz and Willett for balanced series Wenchang Chu, Xiaoyuan Wang                     25–32
Special polynomials as continuous dynamical systems Lidia Aceto, Donato Trigiante 33–40
On obtaining dual sequences via inversion coefficients Youssef Ben Cheikh, Imed Lamiri


Bounds for the classical orthogonal polynomials and related special functions Hari Mohan Srivastava


Some families of combinatorial series identities and associated rational sums Rekha Srivastava


Approximation by polynomial solutions of PDEs of higher order and boundary value problems Alberto Cialdea


A survey on mathematical modelling on potential energy surface of proteins Matthew Xisheng He, Sergey Valentinovich Petoukhov, Paolo Emilio Ricci


The functions of the Wright type in fractional calculus Francesco Mainardi, Antonio Mura, Gianni Pagnini


Special polynomials and polynomial bases in hypercomplex function theory Isabel Cacao, Helmuth Robert Malonek, Gra ̧ca Tomaz


On generating relations involving phase-space Hermite polynomials Giuseppe Dattoli, Subuhi Khan, Ghazala Yasmin


Fourier solution of the 2D Neumann problem for the Helmholtz equation Diego Caratelli, Pierpaolo Natalini, Paolo Emilio Ricci, Alexander Yarovoy


A set of multi-variable polynomials generalizing the Gegenbauer polynomials Carlo Belingeri, Youssef Ben Cheikh, Paolo Emilio Ricci


About connection of generalized Mobius Listing’s surfaces GMLn2 with sets of knots or links Ilia Tavkhelidze, Caterina Cassisa, Paolo Emilio Ricci